Great Outdoors Challenge 2019-2020

We worked on the Great Outdoors Challenge that our girl scout Council put out, we did a different activity each month. Here are the instructions:


OCTOBER 2019 – “The Detective”

We are both geocachers!  Maisie is: MissMaisieMuffin, and as of this blog entry has 471 finds in 4 different states!  Lyric is: SweetLyric and as of this blog entry has 292 finds in 3 different states!

We went geocaching for this month’s activity, and we also went on a nature scavenger hunt!


NOVEMBER 2019 – “The Harvest Artist”

These are our ‘harvest photographer’ pictures.  Maisie took the picture of the creek in the rain, and Lyric took the picture of the turkey tail mushrooms.

We also spent some time collecting items outside and gluing them to bracelets that we made, so we had nature bracelets. 🙂


DECEMBER 2019 – “The Night Owl”

We do not have a photograph for this month, since we were out in the dark; but we were visiting our Grandma in California who lives very far out in the country, and we looked at constellations in the night sky and looked at a book of constellations to compare them to. We also learned about the mythology that goes along with the constellations.

Maisie’s favorite constellation:  The Big Dipper
Lyric’s favorite constellation: Pegasus


JANUARY 2020 – “The Athlete”

For this month’s activity we are sharing our exercise!  We climbed trees in the woods on our property:

We also did yoga; although we did it inside.  We actually do yoga all the time!


February 2020 – “The Musician”

We decided to start a band! Lyric is “Princess Fluff” and Maisie is “Mittens” and we went outside and made music on different things we found in nature. Wood can make a drum sound, branches can make a scratchy sound, leaves can make a swishy sound. The wind makes wind chimes blow to sound like bells.


March 2020 – The Advocate

Our mommy is a member of two organizations; The Grange, and The Eugene Area Gleaners. We helped our mommy make masks for people who need to go out and volunteer, so they won’t get sick from Coronavirus. We also helped our mommy deliver bread for the gleaners a few times. This helps this bread not go to waste, which helps the environment.


April 2020 – “The Scientist”

We already have a sun oven, but we used it to cook dinner on several occasions, and talked about how the sun’s rays heat up the reflectors to heat up the food.


May 2020 – “The Cultivator”

We definitely love to garden around here!  We grow many many vegetables 🙂 We also have animals on a small farm! We have pigs, turkeys, chickens and quails 🙂


June 2020 – “The Happy Camper”

We have done outdoor AND indoor camping this year!  We did a social distancing camp through our council and had so much fun!  We also have been camping in our backyard in the woods. We have had a great time!